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Redeem International Decade for People of African descent and Open New Era


Synchronizing ongoing reconciliation processes into one symphony of identity by channeling processes of healing into streams of justice to close and conclude the International Decade for People of African Descent to springboard the African Race into a New Dawn.

Role of the Church in Africa and the African Diaspora

When King Cyrus issued a decree recognizing religious freedom and the rights of enslaved and exiled peoples in Babylon around 539 B.C, the Israelites owned it by returning to Jerusalem to build the Temple and the walls of Jerusalem.

The Israelites took the decree seriously because they understood it was a major marker in God’s timetable concerning his dealings with them which was being rolled out through Cyrus’ decree. King Cyrus had issued the decree, but the Israelites owned its interpretation and implementation to prove their understanding of the times.

Likewise, the UN declared the International Decade for people of African Descent from 2015-2024. Since then, there has been very little response from people of African descent. It has been left to us these past eight years to discover our own connections and meanings within and beyond the specifics of this declaration.

What is your response as a person of African descent?  What is your response as a community of people of African descent? Do you see yourself and your role in owning and shaping this declaration, its ending, and the NEW DAWN?

The church in Africa and the African Diaspora is the Spiritual Israel and our response to this declaration, however late, proves that we understand the times and what God is and will be doing with people of African descent in these end times.

Can you see in your mind’s eye spaces you would like to occupy?

What kind of TEMPLE do you want to raise up. What kind of WALLS would you like to build up?

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