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About Beyond the Decade

Beyond the Decade is a values development education community. It is a Christian-led public engagement with Africans on the Continent and the African Diaspora to address the dysfunctionality between our values and development goals; to transform (the quality of) our value systems for adaptive capacity to chart progress in our communities; to create mechanisms to localise and promote sound value systems in Africa and the African Diaspora

A new dawn of mutual respect, constructive engagements, effective business partnerships, and prosperity of Africans and people of African descent across the Atlantic.

Our Goals

UN logo - African Decade.jpg

Publicise the International Decade for People of African descent declared by United Nations

Charting own course.jpg

Stimulate Africa and the African Diaspora to own the Decade to dictate and chart own future.


Synchronise reconciliation and healing processes between tribes in Africa, and Africa and the African Diaspora to promote unity in purpose for progress


Initiate and develop mechanisms to sustainably assimilate returnees into extended families, clans, and tribes in Africa

Adaptive capacity.jpg

Develop resources that build adaptive capacity into African cultural values

Transformative cultures.jpg

Educate African and the African Diaspora communities in transformative cultural values

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